I went to the doctor yesterday and he felt my jaw and went “oh”
Apparently I have pretty bad deterioration in my left jaw joint and there’s not a lot that can be done about it other than taking Advil or something
Ah well

I miss you sorry I've been away

I don’t know who this is

Turns out I have pretty bad arthritis in my jaw

I’ve been writing a lot, it’s actually flowing well and I’m enjoying it and I’m happy with it.
I’m going to the doctor tomorrow because I’ve been having some jaw issues.
Gonna okay pathfinder with jay and Stacey tomorrow too.
Going to another therapy appointment on the 28th.
I was so sure I was doing okay but something happened and now I’m only a little bit sure. It’ll probably be okay. I have to stay away from tumblr still. I’m around on Skype.


EVERYTHING IS A-OK—a playlist of good vibes to listen to when you know your day needs a nice pick-me-up of happy tunes

strong as an oak- watsky // D.A.N.C.E- justice // sun shy- dresses // be okay- oh honey // katachi- shugo tokumaru // she’s got you high- mumm ra // the middle- jimmy eat world // we come running (vicetone remix) - youngblood hawke // let’s dance to joy division- wombats // tonight you’re perfect- new politics // the bomb- pigeon john // to the sky- owl city // pork and beans- weezer // paris- magic man // bloom-  the paper kites // hey ya- outkast // ivy and gold- bombay bicycle club // something good can work (RAC remix)- two door cinema club // the mother we share- CHVRCHES // anna sun- walk the moon // when can i see you again- owl city // the underdog- spoon // it’s about time- young the giant // doin’ it right (ft. panda bear)- daft punk // something that i want- grace potter // tightrope- walk the moon // 1234- feist // harlem- new politics // latch (ft sam smith)- disclosure


[cover art source]

Been writing all day

I’m starting to realize I deserve a lot more than I’ve been giving myself

I need to go to the city more often because there’s actually interesting people there probably. If I could go to the mainland more often that would be even better. I met someone who lives over there that thinks I’m cool. Still too awkward to do anything about it though.

I’m sick of myself but for the first time I actually want to do something about it rather than sitting around and not doing anything at all and wallowing. I’m fucking done wallowing.